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An Education Leader Serving the Women's Collegiate Basketball Officiating Community

WCBOO’s mission is to provide prospective and current women’s collegiate basketball officials a dynamic learning environment to enhance their on- and off-court preparedness and toward achieving their officiating goal(s). The mission is achieved by providing the official an opportunity to enhance their understanding of women’s collegiate rules, mechanics and nuances of officiating the women’s game.


The WCBOO learning environment uses synchronous, in-person learning and asynchronous on-line learning that creates a flexible and versatile experience. The environment includes rules presentations, group discussions on officiating topics, clinics highlighting specific areas of officiating, rule and mechanics sessions, and video review. WCBOO’s content is guided by a combination of its affiliation with related officiating organizations and an education team that offers their experience in officiating at all levels of women’s collegiate basketball including the NCAA Division I Final Four. This ensures the provided content is relevant, current, and expected by assignors and coordinators.






WCBOO U is one of the three IAABO Online Rules Courses. It is an intensive and thorough designed to help officials become highly proficient in women's collegiate basketball rules. Learn at home at your own pace.

Current and aspiring women's collegiate basketball officials will gain the information and knowledge needed for today's game.  If you are attending a women’s collegiate officiating camp, need to take a rules exam, want a refresher course, or want to learn the rules changes for the 2023-2024 season, this course will help you.

Your experienced course instructors will prepare live instruction and independent study, to enhance your learning in our Fall 2023 cohort. If you prefer, you can choose the 24/7/365 option and take the course year round without any live sessions.


  • To invest in your rules knowledge, points of emphasis, and mechanics of women's collegiate basketball officiating

  • You are a current women’s collegiate official and have never taken a rules course.

  • A fully remote, self-paced training course available 24/7/365

  • Live instruction (offered in the Fall 2023 cohort only) will prepare you to officiate in today's challenging
    officiating environment

  • An opportunity become a WCBOO member and join our non-competitive learning environment and positive community of officials


Course cost: $175


Course + '23-'24 Membership cost: $225

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Become a Member

WCBOO, also known as IAABO Board 801, is entering its fourth season as a nationally recognized education and training board for women's collegiate basketball officials.

WCBOO provides a non-competitive learning environment for our members. Our Education Team understands that it is intimidating to ask questions to coordinators or clinicians and they also know that there are no silly questions and no wrong answers in learning. This safe educational space is at the forefront of what WCBOO provides - the personal touch with each of our members. 


Being a WCBOO member is completely voluntary. Our membership spans 25 states and 3 countries. We are a community of officials dedicated to learning and improving.

WCBOO membership is just $65 for the 2023-2024 season. 

Members receive updated benefits including:

  • Ask the Interpreter feature

  • In Season Series throughout the basketball season - archived and accessible in the WCBOO vault

  • WCBOO Academy, a free continuing series of short, interactive online courses available 24/7/365, adding to the value of your membership 

  • RefQuest Plus video library specifically geared towards women’s basketball

  • IAABO member resources and learning opportunities, including attendance at the IAABO Fall Seminar

  • An education team that provides a hands on and personal approach to learning

  • A unified voice for women’s collegiate basketball officials

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