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Our Story

WCBOO began in August 2014 in New York when a group of educators and women’s basketball officials formed the Metropolitan Approved Girls Basketball Officials. MAGBO hosted professional development clinics, camps, and courses. Several current Division I officials attended as campers and worked as staff at MAGBO “In Position Camp.” MAGBO was at the forefront of online learning and NCAA women’s basketball leadership participated in our learning sessions. 

In July 2019, Kerry Donohue and Jim Grillo met IAABO leaders Felix Addeo and Donnie Eppley at the NASO Summit. IAABO and MAGBO both had the same passion for educating basketball officials. In the fall of 2020, IAABO granted a charter to form a national women’s collegiate officials’ board.  WCBOO became a unique entity - the first national education IAABO board for women’s collegiate basketball officials. We became - IAABO Board 801, otherwise known as WCBOO. This chartered IAABO board is not a local high school officials’ board. It is a collegiate level education board that does not encompass any specific local board territory. Any women’s collegiate official is eligible to be a WCBOO member.


WCBOO provides a non-competitive learning environment for our members. During the basketball season our “In Season Series” has open ended discussion and play breakdown. Our Education Team understands that it is intimidating to ask questions to coordinators or clinicians and they also know that there are no silly questions and no wrong answers in learning. This safe educational space is at the forefront of what WCBOO provides - the personal touch with each of our members. 

Being a WCBOO member is completely voluntary. Our membership spans 25 states and 3 countries. We are a community of officials dedicated to learning and improving. 
Membership gives you access to IAABO educational resources and learning opportunities, including the IAABO Fall Seminar annual education conference. Our Education Team is now developing “WCBOO Academy”, a series of free short, interactive online courses available 24/7/365, adding to the value of your membership. Check back often to follow WCBOO’s growth as a unified voice for women’s collegiate basketball officials! 

Meet The Team

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